Jaws 4 in Cinemas now

19 Oct 2020

Jaws 4 in Cinemas now (if there were any cinemas). Lately Brexit hasn't been out much, he's just sitting at home listening to broken records (readers born since we joined the EU may not be familiar with that term). With trade talks seemingly stalling and the Prime Minister suggesting Britain will ready itself for a no-deal Brexit once the transition period concludes, more than 70 British business groups representing over 7m workers have called for the UK and EU to return to the negotiating table. In a joint statement, business groups including the Confederation of British Industry, The City UK and the British Retail Consortium said: “Now is the time for historic political leadership … With compromise and tenacity, a deal can be done.” Elsewhere, Business Europe, the body representing European industry, offered a similar stance, with director general Markus Beyrer saying: “An agreement is still possible and it is the only way to avoid uncertainty and major disruption.” The trouble is, to quote John F Kennedy, “You can't negotiate with someone who says what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable”. But not talking is a mistake, the bear thinks.