Managing your staff

This sections contains practical tips and advice for employers.

Bringing training in-house
Bringing trainers to you can be more cost-effective than sending staff out.
Conducting a successful interview
Ten great interview questions.
Consulting your staff
Getting the most from your employees' ideas.
Employee incentives...that won't break the bank
Affordable ways to incentivise staff.
Getting the most out of staff appraisals
Make sure appraisals are effective and useful.
Hiring winning sales staff
What do you look for when hiring new sales staff?
How to keep your best staff
Ways to reduce staff turnover.
Identify your star employees
Checklist for identifying your most valuable employees.
Keep a look-out for signs of stress
Tackle staff stress before it costs you money.
Opening the books can improve profitability
Should you open the books to employees?
Recruiting executives
Checklist for hiring executives.
Recruiting the right staff
Make sure you have a structured process for recruitment.
The do's and don'ts of incentive schemes
Strategies for motivating employees.
Your staff handbook
Key elements of a staff handbook.
Managing absence
Strategies for effective absence management.