17 Jul 2023

Audit Reform

The problem with the auditing profession is not with the auditing profession. It lies with the regulators and Ivory tower theorists that may have slept through the expectations gap and have then decided to solve it not be explaining the purpose and limitations of auditing but by changing them to some unrealistic incarnation as financial fortune-tellers.

24 May 2023

Corrupt Practices and “the system”

An investigation by the BBC’s economics correspondent Andy Verity has revealed that central banks including the UK’s Bank of England, the Banque du France, the European Central Bank, Banca d'Italia, Banco de Espana and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York pressured banks in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis to artificially adjust benchmark interest rates called Libor and Euribor, which track how much it costs banks to borrow money from each other.

24 Oct 2022

We need better MPs

This isn’t about the revolving door at no 10, it’s about tax law, which is created by MPs. There are too many dullards in Parliament.

20 Jul 2022

UK inflation reached new heights in June

UK inflation reached new heights in June as it climbed to 9.4%, up from 9.1% in May with the rise described by one commentator as a "hammer blow" to households across the country.

11 Jul 2022

Biggest tax cut in a decade?

I am not a Government spokesperson (thankfully) but I increasingly have to take issue with the Media – and some of the public -confusing inappropriate behaviour with results. Many on the left keep referring to higher taxes which is true in terms of the rate charged (to fund the NHS), but less so in absolute terms.

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