24 Jan 2022

If not now, then when?

In his annual open letter to corporate bosses, BlackRock founder and CEO Larry Fink has told chief executives that firms who fail to adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic "do so at their own peril."

08 Nov 2021

Making Tax Digital for income tax

Having dragged small businesses through un-necessary pain to “Make Tax Digital” (no credible benefits to anybody), the government has announced reforms to their latest ego-trip, the taxation of unincorporated businesses (known as ‘basis period reform’) will now be pushed back to 2024.

13 Sep 2021

Upper class twit or Easter Leaver?

I heard on the radio the other day that what we call “working class” the Americans call “middle class” (class obsession never having taken hold there to the same extent).

19 Oct 2020

Jaws 4 in Cinemas now

Lately Brexit hasn’t been out much, he’s just sitting at home listening to broken records (readers born since we joined the EU may not be familiar with that term).

13 Oct 2020

Companies in Britain and around the world feel that they have a good understanding

Confused? Brexit Bear notes that research indicates that only 29% of companies in Britain and around the world feel that they have a "good understanding" of what the conclusion of the Brexit transition period at the end of the year will mean.

05 Oct 2020

UK Businesses may need to set up an EU Presence

A note from Brexit Bear’s technical desk.

10 Jul 2020

Successive governments not understanding small business

Successive governments, and Treasury Civil Servants have never fully understood small business; they were busy further damaging it with IR35 legislation and un-necessary “Making Tax Digital” when the Covid Crisis forced them to kick those cans down the road to next year.

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