Work out company car tax benefits, VAT, gross profit, inheritance tax liability and much moreā€¦

Convert a nominal rate of interest (compounded monthly) to an annual percentage rate.
CIS tax deductions
This calculator helps calculate any necessary CIS Tax Deductions.
Company car and fuel benefit-in-kind
Calculate the taxable benefits on your company car.
Fuel cost
Find out how much you spend on fuel per year.
Gross profit
Calculate your gross profit, and your gross profit margin.
Inheritance tax
Work out your total IHT liability.
Calculate the monthly repayments and interest on a loan.
More profit
Find out how you can create more profit.
Mortgage repayments
Work out the cost of your monthly mortgage repayment.
Check the amount of tax that should be deducted from your monthly/weekly pay.
Work out how much your savings will be worth.
Stamp duty
Calculate the stamp duty on the purchase of property.
A calculator to assist you in working out how much funding you will need to support your new business startup.
Work out the VAT due or paid on any amount.